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Welcome to the WikiEdit

Welcome to the Faladian Press Wiki. The Faladian Press is a series of fiction media portraying events in the MMORPG RuneScape world Gielinor. Anyone can contribute and write a Faladian Press short story or an informative article as long as it is consistent with the series (Note: Any contributed stories will not be considered as part of the official series, but as a fan fiction). Together we can make RuneScape not just a game, but an entire world.

Just to Clarify....Edit

RuneScape is owned by Jagex and in no way, shape or form is The Faladian Press Wiki or any of its authors so far working with Jagex. RuneScape and other related trademarks are owned by Jagex and we, the Faladian Press crew do not mean to cause any copyright issues. The Faladian Press series is not owned by the author, or, currently, by anyone, for it has not been published yet, and it most likely never will be published, and yet we feel that if we are sued for copyright issues, we did not mean for any 'disruption' to occur. If we do not conform with the CC-BY-SA license, we will re-work the wiki as so to avoid any future 'disruption'. If you wish to inform us of anything we may have to rework, contact us via the Forum. Thank you for your time.

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