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The Faladian Press is a series of RuneScape fan-fiction books written by Finn DeBoer and Murlee C. James. These books take place in the RuneScape world, and mainly revolve around the adventures of Fionn Skye and Chairwil B. Warhammer, the Squires of Carleon Dendore di Acheron (more commonly known as Carleon).

Book I: Fionn's StoryEdit

The first installment in the series mainly revolves around Fionn Skye, one of Carleon's Squires. One morning in Rimmington, year 169, the mysterious Stone of Jas is stolen, and Fionn and Chairwil, along with Galánta Breoca-Ceolburg, must set out across Gielinor to recover it.

Book II: The Only WayEdit

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