Fionn skye

Fionn Skye, a main character of "The Faladian Press" series.

Fionn Skye (pronounced "Fin Sky") is one of Carleon Dendore di Acheron's Squires, who sets out to recover the Stone of Jas in The Faladian Press: Fionn's Story. Fionn is a halven-elf, his father being an elf of Tiranwnn, and his mother being a fair human, Mir Osshen.

Fionn's LifeEdit

Fionn Skye was born in Lletya of the elf male Arìcas Skye and human Mir Ōsshen sixteen years before the events of this book. Sadly, the elf camp was under attack from the Dark Elves, and so it was dangerous for Fionn to remain in Tirannwn. Soon after giving birth to him, Mir was killed by Sijin, a Kinshra soldier working with the Dark Elves, whom Fionn would encounter several years later. No one is certain if Arìcas died, however. Some say he was captured by the Dark Elves. Some say he was murdered. And some say he is still alive, but anyway, back to the story.Edit

Arìcas knew a sailor in Port Sarim who had a ship called the RSS Lady Lumbridge. He and the sailor created a plan to sneak Fionn aboard the ship and take him to Port Sarim, to keep him safe. Secretly, Fionn was carried off to Asgarnia.Edit

From Port Sarim, Fionn was taken to Falador, just north of the dock. There he was put in the care of the head of the White Knights, Sir Amik, and was raised there until he could pursue a 'normal' life.Edit

The years passed. When Fionn turned seven, the White Knights decided to put him through training in the ways of Combat. After only a few months, he became a master swordsman. 4 years later, the White Knights presented him with a blue hooded cloak to show his allegiance to Saradomin.Edit

Just before Fionn turned 16, the White Knights were contacted by a sailor from Port Sarim: the same one who sailed the Lady Lumbridge to Tirannwn. He told the White Knights that Arìcas had only intended for Fionn to stay in Falador until he turned sixteen. A decision was made. Fionn was no longer under the care of the Faladians.Edit

After he was sent out from Falador, Fionn didn't know what to do. He eventually settled in Lumbridge and joined the Thieves' Guild, and became a master of espionage.Edit

A few months later, a strange plant grabbed Fionn's leg and pulled him into a cellar, deep below Lumbridge. There he found Sir Vant, an old friend from Falador.Edit

After he escaped from the cellar, he escaped back to the Thieves' Guild. Darren Lightfinger, the Guildmaster, had a special mission for him: to find a man called Chairwil, who was keeping a valuable amulet.Edit

Chairwil was last seen slaughtering Black Knights near Kinshra Fortress, so Fionn decided to look there. There he found Master Carleon, to whom he would become Squire.Edit

Later on he met Chairwil, and decided not to retrieve the amulet. Instead, he and Fionn became great friends.Edit

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