Chairwil Brian Warhammer is one of Carleon Dendore di Acheron's Squires, who sets out to recover the Stone of Jas in The Faladian Press: Fionn's Story.

Chairwil's LifeEdit

Chairwil Warhammer was born in Falador nearly seventeen years ago. His father was a White Knight and his mother was a Falador warrior woman. His parents were both excellent warriors, and when he was only 3, Chairwil was put through rigorous combat training.

When Chairwil was 4, his parents took him to Varrock to visit some friends of his parents. But Sir Warhammer hadn't taken into account the Kinshra camp nearby. As the family was passing, a Black Knight took a crossbow and killed the Warhammers – all except Chairwil. He ran and ran, until he collapsed on on a doorstep.

A while later, he was found by the couple who owned the doorstep. They took him in and, not knowing his actual name, called him Brian. But soon they, along with the citizens of Edgeville, would come to know his real name.

Chairwil's adoptive father was an excellent warrior, and Chairwil managed to continue his combat training while living in Varrock.

Since Varrock is close to Edgeville, and since Edgeville is close to the Wilderness, Chairwil would jump over the wall, sword in hand, and perform daring feats of courage to pass the time (he started doing this when he was only 11). His adoptive father was impressed by Chairwil's fighting skills, and rewarded him with a rare dragonstone amulet, engraved with strange Elvish markings.

[Canonity] WarningEdit

Since it is known that in RuneScape, Edgeville was not reincorporated until 169 by King Roald III, Chairwil cannot have lived there. However, there is a side plot which will be released in the Our Role-Play Thus Far for RP#4.